Part I - Alphabetical list of Counseling Concerns:

Anger How to recognize the many ways anger is expressed and understand its cause and purpose; a remedy for problem anger is presented.

Anxiety A discussion of the cause, function and solution to the problem of fear and anxiety.

Codependent You can discover how to overcome your fears of rejection and abandonment; you can learn appropriate communication skills and BE ABLE TO SAY, "NO!"

Communication What exactly is communication? A study of the stages, mechanics, and content of communication with a view to how Christ is the model of communication.
Also see Literal-Thinking.htm

Depression An interactional presentation of the causes and solution to depression with an emphasis on restoring hope.

"EAP" Employee Assistance Program You can reduce absenteeism, accidents, attrition, and medical costs, by using a plan that will encourage employees to begin counseling.

Encouragement Mutual encouragement and gifts; a study of the extent, nature, and function of spiritual service which will result in sanctification ( Growth in Godly character ).

Guidance for Living "A CHRISTIAN LIFE STYLE", Nine Principles of decision making from the Bible.

Guilt A study of the formation of conscience, psychological verses true guilt, and false and true solutions to guilt.

Marriage Conflicts Now is the time to lay the proper foundation for a solid, stable marriage. Encouragement to get started on building a marriage that will go the distance.

Parenting Skills Modeling: A examination of the substantial concept of learning by observation with emphasis on the socialization process in children; attention is drawn to the many significant models in the Bible.
Consistency: A focus on how fathers are to bring up children with an examination of the two essential concepts, discipline and instruction; both negative and positive examples are given.

Perspective Get a view of Marriage from eternity.

Psychosomatic Encouragement to overcome the conflicts that could be threatening your health.

Premarital How you can help one another have love for a life time.

Preventing Divorce A COMPREHENSIVE plan to prevent divorce including premarital counsel, mentor couples and Community Marriage Policies.

Revival and Renewal Identification of the elements that define revival, with a look at examples from the Old & New Testaments & later history. And from the book of Acts, a look at a
Model Church.

Self-Concept Personality development, defense mechanisms, and the relationship of security and significance to self-concept.
See also Your Identity

Sex Conflicts Encouragement to resolve stress, anger, resentment, fear, guilt and shame and thus understand the root causes of sexual conflicts.

Part II - Other pages on site:


Assurance of Salvation

The Anxiety Continuum

Beliefs The Evaluation of Experience and the Formation of Beliefs.

Bible Challenge

Proclaiming the Word - Dr. Peter A. Lillback,
Proclamation Presbyterian Church

Sing Psalms of the Spirit

Can God Bless America?



How to get to heaven.

Initial Appointment FORMS.

Make an appointment.

Means of Grace.


Parenting - Recommended books.

Premarital - Recommended books.

Perspective - A view of Marriage.

Recommended Resources - books.

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